Wild Game Processing

Wild Game Processing Prices:

All game animals – $.99/ lb. based on hanging weight

(Custom processing  includes Steaks, Roasts, Burger, Grind & Double Wrap)

  • For burger and sausage we add pork butt, pork fat or beef fat for a fee

  • There will be an additional charge if we have to clean your game


Summer Sausage                                   $4.50 lb

Salami                                                      $4.50 lb

Pepperoni Sticks                                    $4.50 lb

  • Add cheddar or pepper jack cheeses for $5.00/ 10 lbs. 

Jerky                                                          $3.50 lb

Breakfast, Italian, German, or Chorizo Sausage – $1.50 Bulk (Link Sausage Add $1.50 lb)

Bratwurst                                                    $3.00 lb

Skinning Fees

Elk                                                               $40.00

Deer                                                            $25.00

Antelope                                                    $20.00