Retail Meats

All of our retail beef products come from an all All-Natural packing facility out of Nebraska where it is Federally Inspected.

You can special order meat bundles, specific cuts or a specific thickness of steaks. Don’t see it on our list below? Call us and we can accommodate you!

You can either stop in and purchase on a whim, or call and place an order. 303-673-9165


Beef Items:

Ground Beef (90 % Lean) – $4.45/ lb.                1/3 lb. Beef Patties – $5.49/ lb.
Filets – $16.49/ lb.                                                         Ribeye Steaks – $11.99/ lb.
T-Bones – $9.99/ lb.                                                    NY Strips – $11.99/ lb.
Top Sirloin – $6.25/ lb.                                              Skirt Steak – $7.99/ lb.
All Beef Hot Dogs – $6.99/ lb.

ORGANIC, GRASS-FED FILETS!! – $18.50/ lb. 

Pork Items:

Pork Chops – $3.69/ lb.              Breakfast Sausage Patties – $ 4.50/ lb.
Bulk Pork Sausages – $3.96/ lb.: Breakfast, Italian, German, Chorizo.
Bacon (Medium sliced) – $ 5.95/ lb.

Linked Sausages:

  German Green Chili brats                    Jalapeno and cheddar brats
Geritalian Brats                           House brats                    
House Brat seasoning w/ roasted red peppers & pepper jack          
Italian seasoning w/roasted red peppers & cheddar
House brats 
German, green chili w/ jalapeno brats
(Prices vary per brat flavor)


Beef Jerky – $15.99/ lb.

(Original, Hot, Teriyaki, Spicyaki, and BBQ/Jalapeno)

 Beef Pepperoni Stix w/ Cheddar & Jalapenos – $13.99/ lb

Specialty Items:

Ground Elk – $7.99/ lb.
Elk Bratwurst – $8.50/ lb.
Elk Jerky (Original, Teriyaki or Hot) – $16.99/ lb.
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts – $2.99/ lb.
Prices are based on current market rates and can fluctuate daily. All prices are subject to change.