Beef Cutting Half or Whole

Beef Cutting Instructions on a Half or Whole

This form will tell us exactly how you want your beef cut. Don't worry, we have suggestions along the way.
  • Please check whether you are receiving a half or whole beef.
  • Please tell us who you purchased the beef from and the tag number we assigned the animal at time of drop off.
  • Please tell us your name as we already have the farmers name.
  • Please give us your best DAYTIME phone number.
  • The government requires we receive an address on all custom orders. Don't worry we don't ever sell information.
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  • Standard cut is 3/4" or 1". We can go as thin as 1/2" or as large as 2". This includes T-bones, tip steak, sirloins. We can do NY's and Filet's upon request.
  • Standard is 2. We can do 1 for a $20 charge per side or as many in a pack as you like for no additional charge.
  • The Rib section on a side of beef is 7 Ribs which typically weighs 12-14 lbs. We can cut your Rib in half to give you a 3-4 RIB Roast and half steaks or ALL ROAST or ALL STEAKS. Please specify.
  • The round steak is approximately the diameter of a center slice of a basketball. We cut 6 per side of beef at 3/4" and wrap 1 per package.
  • We can run your round steaks through a knife machine to break them down. We charge .50 / lb and avg. weight on a side is 14-15 lbs.
  • Average weight of a Roast is 3-4 lbs. and you get approximately 10 per side - Chuck roast, arm pot roast, cross-rib roast, rump roast. This is enough to feed a family of 3-4. We can cut larger or smaller which does affect how many you get back.
  • This is taken from the neck and shoulder with meat attached.
  • We can generate 6 lbs. per side in 1 lb. packages which comes from the ground. So if you don't want it, no problem!
  • This is what we use to make shredded beef. If you don't want it, we put it into your ground.
  • Long, flat cut used in a variety of dishes. Alternate to the traditional skirt steak. Grill it, pan-fry, broil or braise this cut.
  • We will give you rib, shanks and knuckles off of your beef for your furry friend.
  • These are from the larger part of the ribs and are excellent for braising. If you don't want them we trim off and grind the meat.
  • These come off the Rib Eye/ Roast section. If you choose the roast they are gone. If you don't want them, we trim off and grind the meat.
  • A small, triangular cut from the sirloin. Perfect for grilling and smoking.
  • Long, flat cut of beef which is great for marinating and grilling.
  • We stuff into poly bags in the size you specify.
  • If you don't want them, we'll find them a home.