Beef Cutting Quarter

Beef Cutting Instructions on a Quarter

There are a few variations when you get a 1/4 of beef, side or whole.
  • Please tell us who you purchased the beef from and the tag number we assigned the animal at drop off.
  • Please tell us your name as we already have the farmers name.
  • The government requires we receive an address on all individual cut instructions.
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  • Standard cut is 3/4"- 1". We can go as thick or thin as you like.
  • Standard is 2. We can do 1 per package for a $10 surcharge on a quarter or as many as you like at no additional charge.
  • On a quarter of beef we can give you either Steaks or a Roast, please specify.
  • The Round Steak is the size of the center slice taken out of a basket ball. We cut 3/4" and wrap 1 per package.
  • We can run your Round Steaks through a knife machine that breaks down the steak for an additional .50 per lb. Average weight of Tenderized Round Steaks on a quarter weighs 7-8 lbs.
  • Standard is 3-4 lbs. which gives you approximately 5 Roasts to feed a family of 3-4. We can cut smaller or larger depending on your family size.
  • We cut your soup bones out of the neck and shoulder. If you don't want them, we trim off the meat into your grind.
  • On a quarter of beef we generate 3 lbs. of stew meat. It comes out of your ground so if you don't use it, no problem.
  • This is what we use for shredded beef. If you don't want it we put it into your grind.
  • We will give you a plastic bag full of them.
  • The Short Ribs come from the larger part of the rib. We cut to have good meat covering. If you don't want them we trim off the meat into your grind.
  • The Back Ribs come off of the Rib Eye. If you are getting a Rib Roast you cannot have the Back Ribs. If you don't want them we trim off the meat into your grind.
  • We stuff your burger into poly bags at the weight you specify.
  • Check what you want, if you don't we'll find them a home.