Retail Meats

You can special order specific cuts or a specific thickness of steaks. Don’t see it on our list below? Call us and we can accommodate you!

You can stop in and see what we have, call or text to place an order. 303-673-9165



Ground Beef (90 % Lean)            1/3 lb. Beef Patties 
Tenderloin                                         Ribeye Steaks 
T-Bones                                       NY Strips 
Top Sirloin                                 Skirt Steak 
All Beef Hot Dogs                          Whole Brisket


Pork Chops               Breakfast Sausage Patties 
Bulk Pork Sausages : Breakfast, Italian, German, Chorizo.
Bacon (Medium sliced)

Pork Shoulder (Butts)

Linked Sausages (Pork or Beef)

  German Green Chili brats                    Jalapeno and cheddar brats
Geritalian Brats                           House brats                    
House Brat w/ roasted red peppers & pepper jack          
Italian w/roasted red peppers & cheddar
House brats 
German, green chili w/ jalapeno brats
(Prices vary per brat flavor)


Beef Jerky 

(Original, Hot, Teriyaki, Spicyaki, and BBQ/Jalapeno)

 Beef Snack Stix w/ Cheddar & Jalapenos 

Specialty Items:

Ground Elk 
Elk Bratwurst 
Elk Jerky (Original, Teriyaki or Hot) 
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts 
Pricing and availability fluctuates seasonally, hence no prices published.