Timely Processing

  • Beef Processing is done based on the individuals’ request and should not be looked at “how fast can I get my meat”.  To achieve a maximum flavor experience and tenderness age at least one week and a maximum of 21 days.
  • Pork Processing is normally done inside of a week. It is a more involved process which includes: cutting on Monday and Tuesday, curing on Wednesday, smoking on Thursday and cutting & wrapping hams and bacon on Friday.
  • *Pork should not be aged longer than a week.*
  • Lamb/Goat Processing is done as soon as we get the cutting instructions.  Some choose to age their animals but in the end we end up trimming excess waste.
  • All Game Processing is done as soon as we get to it. Turn around time can be as quick as the next day unless we have to work on special products. The only reason to age game is because your uncles’ friends’ cousin told you to. (There is no reason.)