Hunter Check List

Before you bring your meat please view our check list:

1. Make sure your carcass tags are punched and signed.
2. Be sure to leave proof of sex/species for D.O.W.
3. Properly wash and protect your meat during transportation.

4. Make sure you bring your carcass tag in with the meat, NO EXCEPTIONS! It’s called a CARCASS TAG for a reason..

5. We accept Cash only, no exceptions!

As much as we would like to be meat magicians, we ask that you clean your harvest as soon as possible.  The sooner you wash your harvest of any feces, hair or debris, the less we will have to trim off.  By the time it gets to us, the muscle layers are drying which traps debris on the surface.   Also, this is your food!  So, be aware there will be a charge if we have to spend extra time cleaning.